Who can make the best paper plane?

See the source image


  • Lots of copy paper to make your planes.
  • Loads of space. You can fly them outside but it must be on a day with no wind.
  • A long tape measure – 50 or 100 meters long
  • A chart to record your results in



  1. Make a chart to record your results.
  2. Next, make a lot of paper planes. You and your family might want to make one or two each.  You should practice throwing each type to make sure that you are throwing with the same amount of force and speed.
  3. Throw your plane. Do this five times for each type of plane and note the results on your chart.
  4. Try to use the same plane for all five throws.

Who was the winner?

Who’s plane went the furthest?

Take lots of photos and bring them to school with your results chart.


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